Privacy Policy

ICT Privacy Policy

1. 個人情報について

THE INTERNATIONAL CENTER IN TOKYO(以下、「ICT」という)は、日本在住のNon-JapaneseとJapaneseが一緒に日本の「良さ」と「心」を発見し、世界に発信していく社会的企業です。日本を楽しむ5つの体験(知る、得る、体験する、楽しむ、味わう)を通して、東京に世界中の人々が集うHOMEの提供を目的としています。このような事業活動の中で、ICTが管理する個人情報を正しく取り扱うことは重要な責務であると認識しております。

1.About our policy for personally identifiable information

THE INTERNATIONAL CENTER IN TOKYO (hereinafter called ICT) is an organization which contributes to the society by making platforms between Non-Japanese who live in Japan and Japanese with various experiences to explore the “Good points” and “Hospitality” of Japan, as well as delivering these attractive points to the world. Through five experiences including “FIND”, “ACQUIRE”, “EXPERIENCE”, “ENJOY”, and “APPRECIATE”, ICT aims at providing people from all over the world with “HOME” in Tokyo. In the performance of these activities, ICT is aware that it has an important responsibility to handle personal identifiable information managed therein..
Therefore, ICT strives for appropriate management and operation of personally identifiable information which is acquired through these activities by observing relevant laws, regulations and guidelines.

2. 個人情報の利用目的

1. ICTのレポート、その他案内の送付
2. ICTの主催するClasses, Workshops, Seasonal events, NeedsArch and other services.
3. ICTのホームページの運営管理
4. ICTの各種資料 (Classes等での配布資料等)の提供及び頒布
5. ICTに寄せられたお問い合わせ及び苦情への対応
6. ICTからの通知事項、アンケート等の連絡及び送付
7. その他、ICTの運営に関する検討及び連絡
※ 各種会合における名簿の作成、名簿の参加者への配布、各種会合でのネームプレートや座席表

2. Purpose of Use of Personally Identifiable Information

The personally identifiable information which ICT acquires is used for the following purposes, and decided in the ICT Organization Overview.

1. Sending ICT’s report, and other information related to ICT’s activities.
2. Classes, Workshops, Seasonal events, Hubee©, and other services hosted by ICT.
3. Management and operations in ICT’s official web site.
4. Providing and distributing ICT’s documents
(e.g. handouts distributed at our Workshops).
5. Dealing with questions and complaints from clients.
6. Contacting and sending of ICT’s notifications and questionnaires.
7. Necessary information from ICT regarding ICT’s management.
*Including lists of names, distributing lists of names for the participants of our services,
indicating name plates or seating charts at our events.

3. 個人情報の収集・利用・提供

個人情報を収集又は利用する場合には、その利用目的を特定したうえ、通知又は公表することによりご本人に明らかにするとともに、ご本人の同意なしに利用目的の達成に必要な範囲を越える取扱いを行いません。 また、収集する個人情報を第三者に提供する場合にも、法令に特に定められた場合を除き、ご本人にその旨の同意を得た上で行います。

3. Collection, Utilization, and Offer for Personally Identifiable Information

In case ICT collects or uses the personally identifiable information, ICT defines the purpose of such use following notifications or announcements to clients. In addition to this, ICT never handles the personally identifiable information which exceeds the necessary amount to achieve the purpose of use without consent from a client.
Moreover, ICT shall obtain consent from a client for the provision of personally identifiable information to a third party except for cases which are separately determined by laws and regulations.

4. 個人情報の管理


4. Management of Personally Identifiable Information

ICT manages acquired personally identifiable information strictly within the above-mentioned purpose of use. ICT strives to maintain safety regarding management in personally identifiable information by taking security measures in order to prevent personally identifiable information from illegal access, loss, destruction, manipulation, or leakage.
ICT manages and commands the procedures for handling personally identifiable information in case ICT outsources it by making agreements on the duty of confidentiality with enterprises entrusted with operations.

5. 開示・訂正・利用停止等のご請求


5. Requests for Disclosure, Revision, and Suspension of Use in Personally Identifiable Information

ICT deals appropriately and quickly with requests for disclosure, revision, or suspension of use in personally identifiable information which ICT possesses in case ICT receives requests from any party, according to laws and regulations.

6. 個人情報の取扱いに関する苦情


6. Complaints relating to Personally Identifiable Information

ICT deals appropriately and quickly with claims regarding personally identifiable information.

7. 個人情報管理体制


7. Management System of Personally Identifiable Information

ICT strives to manage personally identifiable information thoroughly by establishing a management system which sets the general manager as the head.

8. 個人情報の変更


8. Changes in the Privacy Statement

We may update this Privacy Statement from time to time by posting an amended version of the statement on ICT’s web site. Please refer to this policy regularly. If at any time we decide to use personally identifiable information in a different manner then was stated at the time it was collected, we will notify you directly via email for your consent.

9. お問合わせ窓口

The International Center in Tokyo (ICT)

9. The Inquiry Counter

The inquiry counter relating to all the personally identifiable information which ICT possesses and disclosure about this is as follows;
The International Center in Tokyo (ICT)

Effective as of October 31st, 2014.